सरस्वती श्रुति महतां महीयताम्

श्रुतिमहता श्रोत्रेन्द्रियपूजिता चमत्कारिणी सरस्वती कविवाणी महीयतां उत्कृष्टं गौरवं लभताम्|


Reviving the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of ancient India, Bharati Yogadhama is dedicated to imparting authentic knowledge of Yogic culture, arts and sciences to a new generation.

Today, India’s cultural heritage is experiencing a revival. Established by Dr. K. L. Shankaranarayana Jois in 2000 in Mysore, India, Bharati Yogadhama (BYD) is restoring the glory of Arsha Vidya through ongoing research and training – including a new K-10 Gurukulam, combining traditional and modern education.



(NIOS accredited)

Blending modern education with traditional Indian teachings and values, BYD’s VidyaNandhini Gurukulam is highly sought after today by young Indian families. Its curriculum integrates modern mathematics, social and environmental sciences, Sanskrit, classical Indian literature, Yoga, Ayurveda, and other arts and sciences – including music and dance. (NIOS accredited)

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(Astronomical Observatory)

An awe-inspiring Jaipur-style astronomical observatory offering a new generation access to study the original science of Jyotishya with a goal to update the Indian astrological calendar. These amazing astrological tools create an unique opportunity for students and the general public  to gain insight into the subject of Indian astronomy and the science of Jyotishya.


(Yoga Teachings & Education)

Real wealth is health. Yogic practices support holistic health, eliminate sickness and promote spiritual growth. Bharati Yogadhama’s renowned approach to Yoga and Yogic Therapy have benefited thousands of individuals all over the world for nearly three decades. Instructions in Asana, Pranayama, Sanskrit, Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and many other wings of ancient Indian Vidyās are taught to all ages, genders and social strata. 



Bharati Yogadhama is taking initiative in preserving rare and endangered aspects of traditional Indian culture, including the preservation of indigenous cows, medicinal and sacred herbs, ancient manuscripts and Śāstra-grnthas (Ancient literature). BYD houses a Gośālā of original Desi cows,  a thriving collection of more than 4000 sacred plants and a library of rare ancient manuscripts and books.



Indian culture and civilization spans thousands of years and is scattered throughout Bharata in the form of sacred ceremonies, ancient practices and palm-leaf manuscripts. Today, much of it is at risk of being lost. Bharati Yogadhama is engaged in multiple research projects aimed at investigating, reviving and preserving the glory and significance of the traditional practices and rituals once prescribed by our Maharshis for spiritual growth and development. This project also aims to eliminate modern misconceptions of both Vedic and non-vedic traditions, in a way that both helps to raise scientific credibility and inculcate love and respect for Yogic culture. 


(Experiential Learning)

India is on the cusp of a new cultural awakening! There is an urgent need to reclaim the vast wisdom and knowledge that our ancestors possessed. Bharati Yogadhama offers classes, seminars and retreats for various levels and age groups. Highly skilled teachers and support staff conduct a wide variety of learning opportunities on Sanskrit, Yoga, Jyotisha, Ayurveda, Vastu, Dharmashastra and other noble subjects that form the foundation for Bharati culture – Samskriti and Samskara.