Bharati Yogadhama

सर्वेऽपि सुखिनः सन्तु


Bharati Yoga Dhama (BYD) is an Indian organization dedicated to preserving the teachings and wisdom of ancient Indian arts, sciences and Sanskrit language. BYD conducts summer yoga camps for Indians, regional outreach projects in neighboring villages, and adult education courses and seminars throughout the local region.

At its core, BYD aims to uplift and preserve Samskrita language with the intention of imparting its wealth of knowledge to the modern world. It also seeks to foster within students an appreciation for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle which supports contentment, happiness, and peace.

Upcoming Events



Samskruti Shikshana – Pravachana Program
@BYD Campus

Yakṣapraśna – Class 10
sanātana bhārata māharṣi – Class 07
Question & Answer

Dr. K L Shankaranarayana Jois & The senior teachers of BYD

10.00AM to 1.30PM

Uplifting the Mind

Ongoing classes in ancient wings of Indian knowledge such as Yoga and Philosophy.

Go-Raksha & Sasya-Samraksha

Preserving indigenous cows and native plants to support future generations.

Words of Wisdom

Publications, Films and a Library to support those seeking true health and prosperity.