Go & Sasya Samraksha


In ancient India there were over hundred breeds of pure, indigenous Indian breed cows. Currently there are only about 40-50 breeds left which are rapidly reducing due to various reasons. Thus there is a paramount need to preserve these rare and precious breeds of pure indigenous Indian cows.

Ancient Indian texts and literature have innumerable references to the vital importance of cows and their beneficial presence in the daily lives of human beings. For example, there is much evidence within these texts that discuss how cowsheds serve as powerful places for meditation. Even the grazing land on which a cow has previously rested becomes energetically charged and promotes and sustains yoga and meditation allowing the aspirant to reach deeper and higher levels of spiritual practice. The mere scent of these pure breed cows also allows one to reach deeper levels of meditation. In fact, even the “mooing” sound of cows resonates at a very close frequency to the pranava “Om” (first sound).

These examples are a mere few which illustrate the importance of cows in daily human lives. There is much more knowledge rooted in ancient Indian texts that will have everlasting positive effects on human beings. But this knowledge is rapidly declining and thus there is a vital need to preserve this knowledge with deeper studies and research for which Bharati Yoga Dhama is very keen to begin.

Furthermore, cow products (milk, butter, ghee, buttermilk, cow dung and cow urine) themselves also have numerous benefits. For example, ancient texts and literature (i.e. Vedas, Upanishads, Shastras, etc) of India have countless references to the important health benefits of ghee (clarified butter). Unfortunately, much of the on-going research on ghee today is misleading and incorrectly deduces the negative outcomes of ghee and other cow products. In fact, cow products have positive lasting benefits to the human body, mind and spirit. Bharati Yoga Dhama would like to investigate, extract and further research the benefits elucidated in the texts and literature of ancient India.

Bharati Yoga Dhama has already been actively involved in propagating and distributing indigenous Indian breed cows free of cost and would like to continue and increase the number of these cows so more and more people can be benefited physically, mental, emotionally and spiritually.


Established long ago, the Indian wings of knowledge are closely associated with vegetation. All plants are Divine gifts of nature. They work as food, as life providing medicines, and as the basic material to sustain all beings in this universe. In addition, they vastly enhance the natural beauty of this world. There are many references in literature, from the Vedas to Kavya, providing a wealth of information on herbs, shrubs, creepers, bushes and trees. Collectively, their significance may not be denied.

Since 2004, BYD has gathered meaningful plants for propagation and research work, studying important aspects inherent in them. These vegetations are analysed in order to better understand the impact of their presence and their beneficial uses. Currently, due to a loss of knowledge, many herbs are misidentified, and no longer understood. BYD is gathering these rare plants and assessing them through various methods, including Vedic astrology. Once identified used meaningfully, these plants can be reintroduced into daily life, nourishing us and strengthening the effectiveness of Ayurvedic Medicines.

BYD offers short term courses for students and public groups on the uses and benefits of the these plants and their important role in Indian culture, religion, social life, and medicine.