Jantar Mantar

Indian cultural rituals and daily practices are best performed by observing Muhūrtam (Right timing), in order to reap the greatest benefit.

BYD’s current research to calculate Tithi (lunar day) will help establish definitive Pañcāṅgam (calendar and almanac) using these unique methods of observation and calculation.

  • Includes a museum and theater drawing thousands of public visitors to this important astronomical complex. 
  • Aims to bring uniformity to the Pañcāṅgas (Indian calendars) through rigorous scientific observations.
  • Enlighten modern society on the important insights of ancient astrologers like Aryabhata, Bhaskaracharya, and Varahamihira, whose contribution to astrology and astronomy have been long forgotten.
  • Audio-video presentations designed to educate the public about the relationship between astrology and the Indian way of life.
  • Will conduct objective assessments of ancient and modern astrophysics using astronomical observations and calculations. 
  • Access to ancient astrological texts and research for Gurukulum students, international researchers and global scholars interested in planetary influences on human life and the world.