Main Campus

As the main campus of BYD, most of our educational activities are conducted here including classes on Yoga, Ayurveda, arts and other traditional Indian sciences. The campus is developed as a modeling ground for traditional lifestyle practices from Vastu designed structures to organic farming. A small herd indigenous cows graze the land and numerous traditionally used plants and trees are cultivated by the students. At the northeastern portion a small lake filled with water lilies provides water for the local animals and creates a relaxing environment. While preserving the natural scenery, BYD has developed a function hall, yoga shala, classrooms, office buildings, library, and kitchen as well as housing for BYD staff and their families.

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Principal: B.G. Anantha

Address: Online Map
Vijayagiri, Uttanahalli
Mysore, Karnataka, India

Phone: +91 99645 95507


Veda Shala

Sanatana Yoga Nilaya
Yoga Hall

Sadvidya Sabha
Function Hall

Kulapathi Nivasa

Sri Sanathana Bharata Bharati Mahavidyalaya

Mysore City Branch

Our city locations serves students interested in learning sanskrit. Understanding sanskrit is an important key for studying all traditional Indian arts and sciences. With this in mind we offer children’s classes to keep this important knowledge preserved in the upcoming generations. BYD is certified from the Karnataka Sanskrit University to teach both Prathama and Kavya level courses.

Principal: Ganapati Bhat
Phone: 99014 58619

#777, 15th Main, ‘E’ Block
J.P. Nagar, Mysore, Karnataka, India