(Protection of Cows)
Bharati Yogadhama is helping rediscover the benefits and yogic properties of India’s original breeds of cows and the many products they offer to human beings.

The indigenous Indian cow has long been considered the Universal Mother and their products have been honored throughout India. Not so long ago, cows were a part of every household, considered as family members. Cowsheds once served as ideal places for daily meditation. In a sincere effort to rediscover the sacred benefits of these sacred animals, BYD is raising indigenous breeds and conducting new and compelling research into the benefits they and their products offer humankind. 

गावो विश्वस्य मातरः

gāvo viśvasya mātaraḥ

Indigenous Cow, the Universal Mother


(Environmental Preservation)
More than 4000 rare medicinal plants, herbs and trees have been collected from across India and propagated in Bharati Yogadhama’s gardens for nearly thirty years.

These amazing plants are being reintroduced into society as a result of these preservation efforts (samraksha). Such efforts support BYD’s research into Ayurveda along with students’ understanding of their unique properties and benefits.

All herbs and plants are divine gifts of Nature, providing food, life-saving medicines and sustenance to all living beings. For nearly thirty years, BYD has nurtured numerous sacred and religiously symbolic plants for research work. At BYD, students and the public are taught under a canopy of sacred trees, enhancing the education and practices being taught. 

पृथिवी सस्यशालिनी

pṛthivī sasyaśālinī

May trees and plants shower their fruits and offerings on Mother Earth

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