India is on the cusp of a new cultural awakening! There is an urgent need to reclaim the vast wisdom and knowledge that our ancestors possessed. Bharati Yogadhama offers classes, seminars and retreats for various levels and age groups.


(Sanathana Bharatha Bharathi Maha Vidyalaya)

Authorized by the Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bharati Yogadhama teaches Samskrta to more than 90 public school children 6th-10th standard. A 3-year course (Sanskrit Prathama) is offered for 6th-8th standard; while a 2-year course (Kavya) is offered for 9th-10th standard. Upon completion, students are eligible for final examinations and issued certification from Karnataka Sanskrit University.



Indian culture and daily life have long been rooted in the ancient science of Jyotishya. Bharati Yogadhama offers unique opportunities for students and the general public to gain practical insight into how our lives and activities are profoundly linked to planetary movement alongside date, place and time. In addition to in-depth study, BYD offers free and popular short-term courses to the public.


(Science of Architecture)

Vastu is one of the original 64 wings of Indian arts and sciences that offers us valuable direction on house and building construction. Its underlying principle guides us in locating and constructing a house suitable for a happy life and yogic experience. Bharati Yogadhama’s Vastu scholars offer unique guidance on the influences of: land and soil properties; impact of architectural designs; house positioning; landscape topography; and, regional impact. Students will learn design elements including: room orientation; placement of doors and windows; ideal measurements; and, determining correct lunar dates to inaugurate construction.


(Theory and Practical)

The most popular ancient science in the world today is yoga. Every individual should understand the fundamentals of India’s gift to the world! Towards this end, Bharati Yogadhama conducts classes on the eight yogic limbs, such as asana and pranayama, as well as the yamas and niyamas. To date, thousands of students have benefited from BYD’s yoga programs.


(Traditional Indian Music and Dance)

Indian music and dance turn one’s attention toward the divine and cultivate tranquility. Bharati Yogadhama offers a wide range of classes in Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam. Approved by the Karnataka State Music Board, BYD provides skilled and dedicated teachers in these arts.

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