Sri K. L. Shankaranarayana Jois

Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois, the founder of Bharati Yogadhama, is a Sanskrit scholar and orator in the traditional sciences of India including Yoga, Jyotishya, and Ayurveda. In the year 2000 he founded Bharati Yogadhama to preserve the teachings and wisdom of ancient Indian arts, sciences and Sanskrit language. Dr. Jois also served as the editor of Arya Samskruthi, a monthly Kannada magazine published by Astanga Yoga Vijnana Mandiram, Mysore.

Dr. Jois was born in Konandur, a village in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. He began studying the Sanskrit language at the age of five. Later he earned qualification as Vidwan in Literary Criticism and Indian Logic, and attended the Maharaja’s Government Sanskrit College in Mysore, India. He earned a MA in Sanskrit, and a PhD in Yoga. Dr. Jois also holds a degree in Hindi and is qualified as Pandit in Kannada, the state language of Karnataka, India.

Through his family lineage, he is deeply knowledgeable and experienced in Vedic Astrology. However, most influential in Dr. Jois’ life has been the teachings of his Eternal teacher, Sriranga Mahaguru (1913-1969), a highly honored Enlightened yogi with deep insight into the Truth behind the original Indian arts and sciences.

Smt Vijaya Jois G

Smt Vijaya Jois G, wife of Shankaranarayana Jois, has studied yoga under her husband since their marriage. She holds a Master’s degree in Sanskrit, and is naturally talented in music. From 1985 to 2000, she taught women’s Yoga classes in various centers throughout Mysore. Vijaya is a founding trustee of Bharati Yogadhama, and a dedicated practitioner of yogic culture.

Sri Jagadeesha Sharma

Jagadeesha Sharma, an early student of Shankaranarayana Jois, has completed an in depth study of Krishna Yajurveda. Having completed Alankara Vidwat and a Master’s Degree in Sanskrit, Jagadeesha holds deep knowledge in many Shastras such as Yogashastra, Dharmashastra, and Vedanta. A talented and highly accomplished writer, Jagadeesha has authored more than 15 books and magazines in Kannada. As a skilled orator, he is popular on various platforms from TV to social media sites. His contribution to Indian literature and culture have earned him many letters of honor and the prestigious Natha Prashasti award.

Sri Panduranga

Having completed study of the Rigveda and Smartha Vidvat, Sri Panduranga earned a Master’s Degree in Sanskrit. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in various Shastras, including Dharmashastra, Vedanta, and Yoga. As one of Shankaranarayana Jois’ first students, he inherited the teachings of his Guru and now serves as Successor of The Sadguru Trivikramananda Sarasvati Swami Matha in Gulbarga, guiding thousands of his disciples. His key positions in and contributions to various institutions and organizations stem directly from his deep understanding of ancient Indian arts and sciences.

Sri Ganapathi Bhat

Well-versed in Jyotisha, Sanskrit Grammar, Vedanta, Yoga and Ayurveda, Sri Ganapathi Bhat has dedicated many years to the study of these ancient wings of knowledge. He is appreciated as a thoughtful organizer, persuasive orator and devotional Hindustani singer. His qualifications include an M.A in Sanskrit, Vyakarana Vidwat, and Jyotisha Vidwat. He is fluent in Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

Sri Shrinivasa Bhat

Sri Shrinivasa Bhat studied the complete Krishna Yajurveda under a respected and scholarly teacher and is passing on this knowledge through his own teaching. He performs vedic rites with deep interest and faith in Dharma, while aspiring towards perfection. Despite many academic achievements, he continues his studies in the traditional wings of knowledge with humility. Shrinivasa speaks Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and various other local languages. He works tirelessly, with enthusiasm and focus, to protect Bharata Samskruti.

Sri Madhukeshwara Hegde

As a youth, Sri Madhukeshwara Hegde was a student of BYD and later returned to serve as the coordinator of the Yoga department. Using his knowledge in yoga therapeutics, he helps students restore their physical health and tranquility of mind. He is qualified as a Jyotisha Vidwat Madhyama and holds both an M.Sc and B.A. in Yoga.. He is fluent in Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and English.

Sri Adarsha U J

Sri Adarsha U J is a scholar and orator of Sanskrit, Jyotisha and Yoga. He brings great spirit and enthusiasm to his teaching. Adarsha manages the BYD Digital Archives while extensively researching and documenting the sacred traditions practiced in various Indian communities. He holds a M.A. in Sanskrit, is qualified as a Jyotisha Vidwat and is fluent in Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and English.