Faculty & Staff

Vidwan B.G. Anantha

(Research scholar)

Well-versed in Yoga and Indian cultural traditions, Anantha is a preeminent Vidwan. His lectures are filled with insightful humor, and inspire one towards a wholesome and content life. Anantha is an accomplished writer whose articles are published in several newspapers and monthly magazines. He holds a B.Com, M.A in Sanskrit, Jyotisha Vidwat, and Diploma in Journalism. He is fluent in Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

Sri Sudeepa Sharma

(Research scholar)

Sudeepa is a gifted writer, gracefully expounding on the ancient stories of India. He also composes original poetry and dramas. Accomplished in Jyotisha and Yoga, he is an assistant lecturer at Arsha Vidya Pratisthanam, using both Kannada and English. His qualifications are Jyotisha Vidwat Madhyama and M.A. in Purāṇetihāsa.

Gopikrishna B V

(Sanskrit and Yogic Culture Instructor)

Gopikrishna B V holds a Master’s degree in Jyotisha and is a skilled orator who imbues the virtuousness of Yogic culture with artistry. Students love his passionate teaching and inspiring storytelling. He is BYD’s cameraman, capturing its events with a natural eye towards beauty.

Anusha M Hegde

(Yoga Instructor & Therapist)

Ever smiling and soft-spoken, Anusha holds a degree in Advaita Vedanta and a Master’s in Yoga (M.Sc). She is a dedicated and highly qualified yoga teacher, instructing all ages. As a yoga therapist, Anusha has experience treating various disorders and ailments. Many have benefited from her expertise.

Nuthan Gokhale M

(Scholar in Vedic Tradition)

Nuthan is a qualified Veda Vidwan. He has mastered the entire Krishna Yajur Veda and teaches Vedic tradition in a classical and student friendly manner, which is enhanced by his affectionate nature. Nuthana has played an important role in the success of BYD’s volunteer program.

Guru Ganesh Krishna Hegade

(Yoga Instructor)

With love for ancient Bharateeya tradition, Guru Ganesha attained his BSc in Yoga. He is involved in various BYD projects and works for Sadvidya Prathistana. Additionally, he teaches computer science and mathematics in BYD’s Vidyanandini Gurukulam. A dedicated and industrious worker with a courteous nature, Guru Ganesha is a valuable addition to the BYD staff.

Ramachandra Hegade


With a diverse management background, Ramachandra brings a wealth of experience and efficiency to the operations of BYD. Grounded in his deep belief in the merits of Indian culture along with a love of nature, he manages BYD’s day to day workings with calm wisdom. Ramanna, as he is called with love and respect, is a noble personality whose combination of humbleness, efficiency and service is a great asset to BYD.

Sri Prashanth Kumar

(Senior Manager)

Understanding the meaningful aims and activities of BYD, Prashanth joined the organization more than a decade ago. As a senior manager, he coordinates the various educational programs for international students, while using his knowledge of official and judicial matters to manage BYD’s legal and organizational needs.