Samskara Project

(Documenting Indian Cultural Practices)
Samskaras are purifying ceremonies and techniques prescribed by Maharshis to be performed at various stages of one’s life.

There are sixteen Vedic practicals (Vaidika prayogas) considered extremely important (Shodashasamskara), and numerous other non-Vedic practicals (Avaidika prayogas) to eliminate mental and physical health disturbances. These, along with many cultural festivals – such as the Chariot Festival (Rathotsava) – are at risk of losing their purpose and significance. To date, Bharati Yogadhama researchers have documented hundreds of hours of rare traditional ceremonies, rituals and festivals throughout India. The intention is to both evaluate their benefits, as well as preserve India’s rich cultural heritage for future generations.

Sanatana Bharata Samskriti-Vishwakosha Project

(Database of Ancient Indian Literature & Sanskrit Texts)
Indian culture was once based on Maharshi Vijnana (ancient wisdom and scientific understanding).

Sanatana Bharata Samskriti Vishwakosha will create a digital encyclopedic database offering a compendium analysis and understanding of cultural traditions based on original Indian literature and Sanskrit texts. Its aim is to understand the true meaning and significance of these ancient texts through an exploration of their original Sanskrit meanings.

Arsha Katha Kosha Project

(Indexing Moral Stories Found in Indian Literature)
This project is dedicated to create a comprehensive index of ancient stories and narratives to provide teachers and students better access to, and understanding of Indian culture and its foundational philosophy.

A central focus will be to categorize the essence of Vedic knowledge found enshrined in the 18 Puranas and 18 Upa-Puranas under headings such as Ahimsa (Non-violence), Daya (Mercy), Asteya (Non-stealing) and so on.

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